best solana nft wallet

This lets buyers get in on the ground floor of increasingly competitive launches, where being among the first adopters can lead to lucrative resale profits and exclusive opportunities to buy the rarest NFTs.


  • Extensive catalog of collections
  • Wide range of supported wallets
  • Easy-to-use platform


  • Unimpressive 2.5% service fee
  • Additional royalty fees

2. Metaplex

Metaplex is an intuitive NFT marketplace that takes an approach different from many others. Users are able to develop their own custom storefronts where they can showcase the NFTs they’re trying to sell, as opposed to the strictly collection-based format used by many other marketplaces.

As far as fees go, Metaplex is among the top Solana marketplaces.

Best solana nft wallet

As someone who is rather fresh into the Solana NFT space, I was not up to speed with the best practice of minting new NFTs. Been aping into some mints and secondary markets, including SolWabbits, a non-derivative with a strong community and solid roadmap.


Anyway, I did some research on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Even if you are not a newbie in the Solana NFT space, this short post might be worth a read.
The point of the write-up is to increase the security of your minting process and to help you protect your wallet/s and hodlings.

Here it goes.

Use a burner wallet when you mint Solana NFTs

The reasons for using a burner wallet when minting NFTs, it is partly due to privacy and largely due to security. You should avoid connecting your main wallet (or ledger) to minting platforms.

Best solana wallet to buy nft

Solana (SOL) is a blockchain project that showed significant promise throughout 2021. The coin was so popular at one point that it flipped Cardano! Now that it has cooled off a little, it might be time to add some SOL to your wallet.

But, of course, this begs the question, which is the best Solana wallet?

Let’s look at some of the best options in the market.

1. Solflare


First up on the list is Solflare, although this could easily be Phantom.

Solflare was among the first wallets developed specifically for Solana. Created by Solana Labs, Solflare is a high-quality Solana wallet available on various platforms.

This non-custodial wallet supports Android and iOS mobile platforms, along with a Chrome extension, which allows you to manage your funds in your web browser.



If you’re big into the NFT space, Clover is among the best Solana wallets you can use. This multi-chain wallet supports a wide variety of digital currencies, including, of course, SOL.

In addition to Solana, Clover supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Avalanche, and more.

You can add Clover as a Chrome extension or download it for either iOS or Android. When it comes to wallets that support Solana, Clover offers all the features you could want.

For example, there’s an internal swap feature, multi-chain and multi-currency support, staking, and NFT support.


  • Supports multiple currencies and blockchains
  • iOS and Android support
  • NFT support
  • Staking available


  • Not as secure as other wallets
  • New to Solana ecosystem


Best solana nft walletone

In addition to staking your SOL right in your Solflare wallet, you can also perform in-wallet swaps and store your visual and audio NFTs.

Solflare aims to encourage new SOL holders and investors to start staking and actively participate on the chain. That’s why Solflare focuses on providing services appealing to anyone in the crypto industry.
So whether you’re a newbie or a veteran trader, you’ll find value with Solflare.

If you’re looking for a multi-platform Solana wallet that offers a feature-rich experience and simple to use interface, Solflare is an excellent option. Users can easily swap and stake tokens, store NFTs with complete metadata, and learn more about crypto with Solflare’s guide and academy.

Best solana nft wallets



As its name would suggest, Trust wallet is among the most trusted third-party wallets in the crypto market. If you’re looking for a high-quality third-party wallet for your Solana, Trust wallet offers all the features you need.

For starters, Trust wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing users to quickly and easily buy, sell, and trade as they see fit.

Additionally, users can purchase more crypto through Trust’s built-in exchange. So when you start running low on SOL, you can always buy more.

Additionally, Trust wallet supports many NFT games, like Axie Infinity and MyCrypto Heroes.

The marketplaces serve as an intermediary, hosting collections and connecting buyers and sellers.

9 Top Solana NFT Marketplaces

Choosing the top Solana NFT marketplaces comes down to their specific collections; the fees they charge; the tools they have available for creators, buyers and sellers; and the unique communities that they foster. There are plenty of options, and these nine are some of the very best out there today.



DigitalEyes is a leading open NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain and the very first such marketplace to have launched. It provides a robust platform for users to develop, buy and sell NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

The platform features a wide range of leading and new NFT collections.

Among the top features provided by the platform is the mint calendar, which shows upcoming NFT launches.

Something that is great for experienced and diligent users as it saves time in time-sensitive situations, for example, when minting an NFT in the Solana ecosystem. However, it was less great for inexperienced and stressed users trying to cope a new NFT.

As soon as a user entered the phising site and pressed “Connect”, the malicious contract would execute and proceed to sweep the account – all transactions approved by default.

After the incidents, Phantom wallet made changes, other wallets introduced the same feature. But only as an optional feature, where an advanced user can go to settings and manually opt-in to having auto-approve enabled. If you are a new however, best is to not use auto-approve. In both cases, a burner wallet is recommended. Mistakes can be made, best is to limit the costs stemming from such mistakes.

Its overall variety might lag behind larger marketplaces, but has plenty of unique charm that warrants taking a look.


  • Innovative use of staking in NFTs
  • Some unique collections
  • Reasonable fees


  • Limited overall variety

9. Solport

Solport is a marketplace with some innovative collections. One example is the Taiyo Infants/Incubators collection, which features NFTs that develop from newborns to infants as time goes on.

The platform has reasonable fees at just 2%, along with decent wallet support.

The rise of non-fungible tokens has been among the most unexpected developments since cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology first emerged. Nowadays, many are creating, buying and selling them across Solana NFT marketplaces and taking advantage of this growing industry.

NFTs can be found on many different blockchains, and Solana is one example.

Solana is a relative newcomer compared to the NFT leader Ethereum, which hosts a majority of all NFTs. However, the lower costs and versatility of Solana are rapidly shifting the NFT marketplace landscape in its favor.

NFTs exist on the blockchain, where their owners maintain complete control over them. However, people rely on marketplaces to make buying and selling easier.

Paper Wallet


The last type of wallet on our list is the paper wallet, which is exactly what it says it is. These are the most secure types of wallets you can have because they are literal pieces of paper.

You print off your SOL information and store it in a safe place like a bank or storage vault. The only information on the paper is your wallet information, not the number of coins you own.

With a paper wallet, your private keys aren’t kept online with a paper wallet, so it’s impervious to hackers. However, you must enter each transaction manually, so it can be tedious if you plan on moving your SOL often. Paper wallets offer the best protection and security you could want.

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