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When he clicked on the sellers, their other listings — largely expensive streetwear — instantly gave them away as professional scalpers.

It was, according to Nagarajan, “really annoying.”

That was a Wednesday or Thursday, he recalled. He stayed up all night Friday building a “Nvidia bot,” and by Saturday, it was up and running. The next time Nvidia released the cards, he bought one easily, and he put the bot’s code on GitHub so other people could use it.

“I made a Discord server just in case someone had any questions. And I didn’t look at it for like the entire day. And then there were 1,000 people in there,” Nagarajan said.

“The person using one of these open-source bots to get themselves their PlayStation, they’re not the ones taking your PlayStation.

Best buy bot reddit

PlayStation 5 and cannot get one. And, at least according to a few of them, it’s all software developer Kevin Hirczy’s fault.

Hirczy, who lives in Austria, is the programmer behind the Twitter account @iloveps_5, a bot account that crawls online retailers and tweets when one of them makes more PS5s available for sale.

Hirczy’s quickly hacked solution has helped a lot of human shoppers reach a retailer’s website fast enough to buy the system before an army of other buyers — most likely bots programmed to make such a purchase — got there first.

“Sometimes, people [message me to] say thank you, and some are like, ‘I wanted to buy one for my son, and thanks to you, I was able to get one.’ That always makes me happy,” Hirczy told me.

Others aren’t so lucky.

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For any product with a limited supply and very high demand — like rare Air Jordans, graphics cards or gaming consoles — bots were a strategic way for scalpers to bypass other consumers and, hopefully, turn a profit on the resale.

This harsh economic reality made my fiancé sad. Why were upstanding citizens like himself stuck refreshing the pages of Walmart’s website while people with programming know-how simply had bots do that work for them?


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Who Is Using Bots to Buy All the PS5s?

First things first: The people using bots to buy and resell PS5s probably aren’t standalone coders.

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Booting VM… [default] Waiting for machine to boot. This may take a few minutes… DL is deprecated, please use Fiddle [default] Machine booted and ready!

Once the machine is running, ssh into it:

$ vagrant ssh Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-23-generic-pae i686) * Documentation: New release ‘14.04.1 LTS’ available.

Run ‘do-release-upgrade’ to upgrade to it. Welcome to your Vagrant-built virtual machine. Last login: Fri Sep 14 06:22:31 2012 from

In case you didn’t know, the /vagrant directory is the directory you created the vagrant file in.

You can access it from your normal PC. Let’s change to that:

cd /vagrant/

Either run the commands below, or download the installer file from here.

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He ended up removing the bot’s code from GitHub after some users adjusted the polling frequency to less than five seconds, which would likely damage shop servers by overwhelming them with traffic. But keeping bad bots at bay isn’t easy. He still sees plenty of rogue bot accounts — likethis German one— advertising fake PS5 drops with links that turn out to be affiliate marketing for unrelated products.

He also sometimes struggles to maintain the large Twitter and Discord communities that popped up around his projects.
Scalpers infiltrate the server, looking for willing customers, and he has to kick them off. Other members ask the same questions over and over (Hirczydoes not knowandwill never knowwhen the next batch of PS5s will drop).
People also get mad at him.

“They don’t care about my intentions behind it.

It’s truly one of the best Supreme bots for cooking the famous red box logo brand. It has even four different modes to cop, and if you keep your eye on the bot’s discord channel, you’ll receive advice on when to use them.

MEKpreme bot tackles anti-botting measures on the go.
Seriously, it can detect what measures are being taken and bypass them by automatically adjusting its bypass method. Oh, and if you’re worried about CAPTCHAs, don’t be. MEKpreme has it all taken care of with an implemented 3rd party tool – AYCD AutoSolve – to solve them for you.

While you’re at it, you might also want to look up equally as powerful MEKpreme’s sibling MEK AIO. MEKRobotics created these two bots to slay releases.

We’ll go from there.

Creating a Linux VM in Vagrant

I’m going to repeat some of the stuff you may have seen in the Vagrant tutorial, so we are all on the same page.

To start off, create a directory called _bot _anywhere you want and _cd _into it.

$ mkdir bot Shantnu@Shantnu-PC /cygdrive/c/st/Vagrant $ cd bot/

Run Vagrant init and vagrant up to create our VM.

$ vagrant init precise32 $ vagrant up Bringing machine ‘default’ up with ‘virtualbox’ provider… [default] Importing base box ‘precise32’… [default] Matching MAC address for NAT networking… [default] Setting the name of the VM… [default] Clearing any previously set forwarded ports… [default] Clearing any previously set network interfaces… [default] Preparing network interfaces based on configuration… [default] Forwarding ports…

Oh, are you expecting to get something extra when paying a considerable sum for a bot? How does a complimentary dashboard sound like? The dashboard is called Kodai Hub, and it includes a release calendar alongside suggested copping settings, retail and resale prices for specified drops. It also offers a personal analytics page for data-minded users.

  • Supported sites:Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, Yeezy Supply, and Adidas
  • Operating systems:Windows and macOS
  • Proxy support:Yes
  • Price:first two months $175 with a $59.99 monthly renewal fee
  • Current aftermarket price:$7 to rent for a day on Whop



Best for Supreme.

Are you desperate to get your hands on anything Supreme? Don’t worry, MEKpreme’s got you.

Honestly, there’s a brand new top-performing bot with every release.

What we are looking for is consistency. Sure, a bot can have some bad days. Don’t we all? But a bot that is worthy of your time will score you more or less Ws with every release.According to the most recent data of our success tracker, Wrath has been killing it for quite some time – it’s not a coincidence why it’s at the top of our list.

Now, let’s continue with the strongest sneaker bot lineup you’d wish to get your hands on:

The Best Sneaker Bots of 2022


Wrath AIO Bot

The only bot you’ll need.

Experienced sneakerheads know that it’s best not to count on a single AIO bot. Instead, you should use different bots for each store, according to how well they perform on it.

But we aren’t millionaires, right? Well, not yet.

Maybe it would take scalpers targeting necessities in low supply — like face masks or water — for retailers to take the situation seriously, he mused.

“In Austria and in Europe last year, toilet paper was sold out everywhere,” Hirzcy said. “I probably could have started a toilet paper bot.”

Barring a toilet-paper-bot apocalypse, though, the situation will likely stay the same: Scalpers scooping up consoles, the rest of us trying to beat them to it.

But what about people like Nagajaran, who fall somewhere in the middle?

Even in the beginning, he told me, working on Fairgame felt like a necessary evil.

“We were like: ‘Ideally, we shouldn’t have to make this.

Renewal for 6 months $60 and $360 for a year

  • Current aftermarket price:lifetime copy runs for $1,300 on BotBroker
  • BalkoBot’s price on BotBroker.

    6. Ganesh Bot

    Best for EU stores.

    You’ve certainly heard of Ganesh before, right? It’s the bot that sets the gold standard in sneaker botting.

    Some may argue, but this bot is one of the best available sneaker bots, especially for EU stores. It has a good track record of success – over 650,000 checkouts and a really small user base.

    Ganesh has an easy-to-use and sophisticated interface.

    It helps to set up tasks quickly and smoothly. But that’s only relevant if you decide to use a graphical interface at all.

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